MediaChat Plugin

The Media plugin gives your members the ability to make both Video and Audio calls seamlessly. It is a modern two-way video conference plugin for making both video and voice call between two users in real-time.

- Video call
- Voice call
- User role permission support
- ICE Servers Management
- Twilio NAT support
- Xirsys NAT support

- SSL Certificate

The plugin uses WebRTC Peer-to-Peer technology which requires an ICE server. The plugin comes with free STUN ICE servers but 10% or more of all WebRTC sessions may not connect due to unfriendly networks. This problem can be resolved by setting up a TURN sever as a fallback. You can set up a TURN server by yourself using Coturn (See You can also use third party Network Tranvasal services - the plugin fully supports Twilio ( and Xirsys ( See documentation for more details.


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Video / Audio Call

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Date: 11 May 2017

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