This option will allow user to send credit to each or other and they can also purchase crefit if they don't have,

To be able to do this, the following steps must be taken,

Watch the video below.

You will firstly setup 'Credit Plan' from Admin.

  • Login into your 'Admin cpanel'


  • Click on 'Plugin Manager'.


  • Click on "Credit Manager".


  • Click on "Credit Plan"


  • Click on "Add Plan" on top right hand side.


  • Fill the "Form" and click on "Add" to save the Plan.


  • Go to the Website and click on "Creditgift".


  • Click on "Purchase Credit".


  • Click on the "Credit Plan" you want to purchase.


  • Select your "Payment Method".


  • After payment your credit gift is ready for usage.

Thanks for Reading this.