This Option give you Chanc to write a small note on any Users Profile that can mak you remember the particular users incase you have a lot of users on your Social network.

To do this you have to take the following Steps.

Watch the video below to know how ie works


  • Login to your "Admincp"


  • Click on "Plugin Manager"


  • Click on "Manage"


  • Click on "Activate" to activate the "Note PLugin"


  • Click on "Appearance"


  • Click on "Layout Editor"


  • Click on"User Profile Page" from your Top Right Hand side.


  • Scroll down to "Note Menu from the " Availabe Blocks"


  • Click and hold on to the "Note Menu" and drag it to sidebar under "Profile Info" and arrange it to where you prefer it.


  • Clcik on "Save Changse" to  save'


  • Click on "Go to Website" and Click on "Myprofile"


  • Scroll to "Type Note" to type your note and click on "Add Note" to sav your note.


  • Click on the "Button"beside Friends under the profile picture.


  • Click on "Note" to view the note you write.



Thanks for Reading This