Developing theme for crea8socialPRO is as simple as creating a folder in the themes folder. We have two type of themes the backend and the frontend theme. Depends on which on you want to develop but both follow the same process.

All themes reside at themes/ folder and you can have each theme for backend and frontend in their folders respectively.

Theme Folder Structure

That is the folder structure of the themes folder and there is the default theme folder structure as well . below is the description of each folder and files in the default folder

  • css : The css folder contains your stylesheet files
  • html : contains the theme views or templates files
  • images : where you keep your images
  • js : your javascript files
  • info.php : This file contains information about the theme and the author e.t.c
  • loader.php : The loader file is called if the theme is activated on every page and is the perfect place to register asset files and other things
  • options.php : This file is use to create options for theme in the admin panel like the default theme used it to create a customize default for the frontend 
  • preview.png: is the preview image is use as preview in theme listing from admin panel


You can move on with getting started by creating your first theme


Thanks for reading