How To Setup Email

Watch the following video to learn how to setup email:


You can also go through the following steps:

  • Login to the Admincp
  • From the left menu, click on "Site Manager"

  • Click on "Email Manager"

  • Click on "Setting"

  • Enter the name you want the emails from system come from in the field
  • Enter the address you want the emails from the system to come from in the field
  • Select a driver for the emails to get sent through, when you select SMTP server make sure you setup other settings below
  • Enter your SMTP Host, for example localhost
  • Enter your SMTP Username in the field
  • Enter your SMTP Password in the field
  • Default 25, Also common once is 587
  • Select if you want to use ssl or tls in the dropdown
  • Select your desire email Hash Expire Time
  • Then  click "Save Settings"save your settings