Folder Structure

This section explain the folder structure of a plugin and what they contains . below is a snap of how the structure look like

This is test plugin folder structure which contains everything a plugin can have , below explain what each folder and file is doing

css/ Folder

This folder will contains your css files and you will need to register the css files in the loader.php file you can check how to register css in the its tutorial

functions/ Folder

This folder will contains your functions you use in managing your plugin, crea8social pro uses a functional way programming because of speed and easy customization for anybody withh basic php knowledge. You also need to load any functions file in this folder in the loader.php file, check loading functions tutorial to know how

html/ Folder

This folder contains your view files  or template files example is list.phtml  which can be call with the view() function to load it 

js/ Folder 

This folder contains your javascript codes and you also need to register it in your loader file as well

languages/ Folder

This folder contains your languages file like english.php , and note its is good to start with english.php and easily add more language from admin panel

pages/ Folder

This folder contains your pages files , crea8social pro uses what we call pager to load each page just like MVC method in which you need to register each page with pagers in the loader.php file , check how to register pages tutorial for more details


This file contains information about the author of the plugin and name and description of the plugin below is a snap of test plugin info.php


This is the file where all registeration and hooking will be and other tutorials will definitely be directly you to register one or two things in this file and you move on with your lesson


This file contain settings that will showup in the user  admincp -> settings  menu below is a snap shot of test plugin settings.php file

Thanks you can continue with other tutorials