Create your first plugin

To create a plugin you will have a good name for plugin and do the following procedures

  1. Create a folder at plugins/ folder with your plugin name, NOTE: Please no space or special character in plugin name
  2. Create a PHP file call it info.php
  3. Create another PHP file call it loader.php 

Insert the following code in your info.php file

return array(
    'title' => Plugin title ',
    'description' => 'This plugin decription',
    'author' => 'Author name',
    'link' => '',
    'version' => '1.0'

Replace necessary things in the array like your Plugin title Author name, link and Version

Now go to your admn panel -> Plugins Manager -> Manage to enable or activate your new plugin


Awesome!! you have created a new plugin you can read other tutorials on how to improve your new plugin


Thank you