Available Hooks

There are alots of hooks in the system in which we may not be able to list them all and more hooks will be added as development goes on and more improvement to this system

Below are lists of hooks available

fire_hook("user.signup", array($userid, $username, $email_address));
fire_hook("user.avatar", null, array($userid, $avatar, $avatarId)); 
fire_hook("user.updated", array($userid));
fire_hook("user.tags.added", null, array(db()->insert_id));
fire_hook('custom-field.add', null, array($titleSlug, $insertId));
fire_hook('user.role.add', null, array(db()->insert_id));
fire_hook('user.role.updated', null, array($role));
fire_hook('user.delete', null, array($userid));

For each plugins you can check their functions files to see the hooks that will make it easier because some hooks might change


Thanks for reading