How To Upgrade (manually)

With the manual upgrade you are add or overwrite any touched files of that version and this can take along time to complete but it has one good thing, for those who have made modification to the script files will have to stick to this method but if you have you can choose the second method. Wach this video to learn how to do the manual upgrade:


You can also follow the steps below:

Very First Step

Using manual update, you have to enable debug and if you like you can shutdown your site for improvement by going to admin panel -> Settings -> General to enable debug and shutdown website for improvement

If you don't know how to enable/disable debug, please read the tutorial here

To do this follow the following steps one by one

  • Go to login with your details
  • Go to your downloads page and download the latest version , if your update has expired you have to extend update to be able to download the latest version
  • Extract this file to a location on your system 
  • Open the changelog.txt file in a text editor like Notepad
  • At the top of this file you will see the changes that have been made in that version and below it you will see files you need to add to your site and files you need to overwrite
  • Complete the files add and overwritting and go to the last steps
  • Login to your admin panel -> Tools -> Update System, then click on "Update system" 

  • Also go to admin panel -> Site Manager -> Languages -> Update Phrases

  • Go to plugin manager - update each plugins both in the manage and core plugins

Then you are done you can go to the frontend to see the changes compare with the stated one in the changelog


Thanks for reading