This option will let you know how to setup the server before you can start live streaming.

To be able to do this, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Go to to registered your server.
  • Click on Go to Console.


  • Click on Add Project.


  • Type the name of your project and Click on Create Project.


  • Click on Database


  • Click on Rules.


  • You clear auth and null from read and write and write "TRUE" on both side.


  • Click on Simulator and click on "RUN".

  • Click on  Publish.


  • Click on Write and then click on Run.
  • Click on "Data"

After that you will go to your website and do the following

  • Click on "Admin cpanel"


  • Click on "Plugin Manager"


  • Click on "LiveStream Manager".


  • Click on "Server".


  • Click on 'add Server".


  • Change the Sever type to And Change the Server name to the one you copy from your "FIREBASE SERVER"


  • Then Change the other ones.

The server are ready for live streaming now.

Thanks for readin