To install crea8social script, you must first download the script from  and then upload it to your remote server.

There are several ways you can follow to upload the script to your remote server, some of these ways are explained below:

This video will show you how to install the script using FTP:


You can also go through the other ways to install the script below:

CPANEL: To upload the script through your cPanel,

  • login to your cpanel and enter your username and password, and then login.

  • Once you login to your cpanel, click on MSQL Databases (to create a database) 


  • Enter the database name (let say for example you want to use "terrific" as the database name), then click "Create Database". Take note of the database name, you will still need it for further step


  • Add a user by filling the form below (let say for example, you want to use "root" as the user name). Enter the user name, and also the password. Take note of the password you use, (because you will still use it in the next step)

  • Add user to the database, and click on "Add"

  • Manage user privileges by checking on "All Privileges"

  • Go back to the cPanel homepage and click on "File Manager"

  • Double-click "public_html"

  • Click on "Upload" to upload the zip file

  • Select the the file

  • Right-click on the uploaded zip file, click on "Extract"

  • Now, open a new browser and log on to your website
  • Check on "I accept our terms and conditions". Then click on "Continue"
  • Go to crea8social website and login to access the dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, copy the "Purchase Code" that appear on the upper right side of the crea8social dashboard.

  • Go back to your website, and paste the copied "Purchase Code" inside the field of "License Key ", then click on "Continue"


  • Enter the database details (the information i told you to take note for further step)
  • Enter the Database Hostname
  • Enter the Database Username
  • Enter the Database Name
  • Enter the Database Password, and click on "Save And Install Database"


  • Enter the site title
  • Enter the admin full name
  • Enter the admin email address (Email for admin login)
  • Enter the admin username (create username for admin login)
  • Enter admin password (create password for admin admin login)
  • Confirm password
  • Click "Save And Finish Installation"

  • Use the username or email address and the password you just entered above to login to your site admin

Thank you