General FAQ

 Is the source code unencrypted?
 yes, It is unencrypted, this allows you to make any changes you want.

How many users can crea8socialpro serve at a time?
We have worked to optimize creasocialpro and make it less in weight. Primarily, your server capability is important, there is a need to share and upgrade your server in order to withstand large among of traffic. On most shared-server plans, crea8socialpro should be able to support tens of thousands of users, while a single dedicated server can usually support upwards of one hundred thousand however we make no guarantee of performance due to the many variable involved.

Can i upgrade to another version?
yes, you can upgrade to any version at any time once your license to upgrade is still active. You are priviledged to upgrade your own copy of crea8socialpro to another within depends on the plan you purchased.

Can i translate the script to another language?

yes, crea8socialpro comes with four languages including English

Do i need to pay extra to retain the license?
No, the purchase of crea8socialpro is one-time fees, We do not extra charge on the license either monthly or yearly.

Can crea8socialpro be customized?
Yes, The source code is unencrypted so it can be easily customized . We have done a great work to make it easier to work with and customize.