Terms and conditions

By applying for custom service, You agree to be bound to our terms and conditions:

(1)    Client must pay full for the project before we can start the work, no part payment is allowed.

(2)    It is sole responsibility of the client to provide all needful details to commence the custom work.

(3)    In accordance to our custom service payment method, there must be mutual agreement between the client and crea8social Team before the commencement of the service can take place.

(4)    We will give the client an opportunity to review the work after delivery and wait for a period of 7days to get feedback on such service. In the event of client not replying within this period, such service will deemed to have been automatically accepted and approved by the Client.

(5)    Within this 7days feedback, Any alterations or errors caused by the client, missing feature out of initial agreement,other circumstances which was not part of the agreement will be chargeable either for correction or additional features.

(6)    20% of the payment is not refundable. In terms of cancellation, A cancellation fee may be charged if the Customer cancels a Service prior to completion. The fee to be charged will be equal to the amount of work completed at the point of cancellation.

(7)    Improvement to any of our already features will be termed as custom work and will be charged for.

(8)    Any re-work, changes or tweak request by the client and/or furthering to the subsequent stage of project process shall be treated as improvement to already work and will be additionally billed and as well this will increase the time frame for the service.        
(9)    We delete custom work after the 7th day of delivery so you are advised to keep your work intact. We are not liabe to be held if you need the work again after the specified period.

(10)   We respect innovations so we have no right to give out your ideas to another client because we do not keep work. 

(11)    You have no right to sell or distribute the custom work we have rendered for you with the script or without the script
or do any illegal actions which violate our rules.


When Client makes a custom request. There must be a mutual agreement between the client and our agent on the price for service before he can proceed to make the payment. We don't waste time on commencing the work once the payment is confirmed.


The work starts without delaying as soon as we confirm your payment and the agreed delivery time is assured with no stress unless sometimes unavoidable circumstances may occurs but we would try to meet up.


There is time frame to every custom request which we try to deliver within the estimated time but there maybe at times a need to extend or adjust time in cases of any unavoidable or unforseen situations like development bottlenecks, resource unavailability due to emergency, communication delays and the likes.