How To Setup Google FCM

FCM is used for push notification which you need to setup on android studio and your website. First register your FCM account at and create a project for your app as show in the image below

Open the newly created project to your credential details, which you will provide to us when create a app build request. Follow the below steps

  • Open the newly created project for your site
  • As show in image below, click on the settings icon -> project settings to get the details
  • Click on CLOUD Message  tab to get the FCM Web Api Key
  • Take note of the Server Key as FCM Web Api Key  you will provide that for the app setup as shown in the image below
  • Now click on add app, if you have not added the android app before as show in the image below. 
  • Select Add Firebase to your Android app 
  • In the package name type com.procrea8.sitename  please replace sitename with your domain For example : the package name will be com.procrea8.mysite 
  • Now click the add App button
  • Now download the google-service.json file and attach with the app build request as shown below
  • Provide these details in your app setup request as show below

Thanks for reading